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October 06, 2007


Laura B

Love the onesies! So cute!!!


That casserole sounds yum, I'll have to try it this week. Thanks so much for sharing. And yes, banana cake is to die for!!!! I totally think it's great breakfast food!


I remember reading that Story to Heath and his Sibs!! Did he do the sound effects???

Got to have good sound effects!!

Love Tamie

PS Keep up the good work..I love your BLOG!


You are so cute, Shelly! I love Emily's blog too and made that banana cake for that BBQ in Emily's backyard in Aug... (you were Heath-less, I think he was in TX?). I do my frosting thicker... and it is SOO good. We all (well, mostly me) can't stop eating it! Mike thinks the frosting tastes sort of liek popcorn!! (In a good way)Yours looks pretty in the bundt... I just do the 9x13.

The onesies are adorable. (hmmm... should I get pregnant just to get one? Ha! as if it were that easy!) Those are really cute... what a fun RS presidency you are!

I'll have to try the artichoke chicken thing... I love artichokes. (and now I'm craving your artichoke dip!) Too bad your visiting teacher isn't that sweet? (Did you know I'm your new VT?! LOL!)


Cute stuff! I am loving the onesie what a great idea instead of a baby blanket! May have to pass that one on. Oh & I am totally stealing your apple/dip for visiting teaching. I am in charge this month to get "something" for our sisters so this is beyond perfect! Thanks for the ideas Martha ;)



I want to buy some cute onsies from you too
I loved this post. I want to try all the fun recipes too. I wish you were still my VT


I want to buy some cute onsies from you too
I loved this post. I want to try all the fun recipes too. I wish you were still my VT


That's a lot of stuff! I'll ignore the darling VT gifts because they make me feel guilty, but the baby gifts are just adorable and that cake looks AMAZING! It is so pretty! The recipe looks a little complicated for my beginner cooking skills, but I am printing it in case I ever work up the nerve. Sounds great. Cute family, I hope they get feeling better, and that blanket- OOh that blanket. Great job Lindsey!

Ashley H.

This was a fun post! The recipes look SO yummy and I am also going to print them off and add them to my stack of recipes to try.
Get better Z and B!

Robyn Longhurst

Hey Shelly,
What a fun post!
How can I get those conference books? Can I email that girl? I couldn't find her email on her blog - would love some info. if you have any.
Thanks for sharing so much!


I'm bummed that you're not my VTer anymore.


Wow what a lot of fun, cute, yummy stuff you have been up to. Thanks for sharing. If the ladies you VT aren't home when you have such fun goodies and you just need to find a new home for them, you know where I live Ü


Lovin all of the fun things here Shelly! oh my...these recipes look delish! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for such a fun info filled post! I was inspired by your VT gifts and made some yesterday. They turned out really cute! Thank you! And I think I am going to have to make that cake. YUMMY!

How did you do those onsies? Are the appliqués just hand stitched on? Those are darling! You are so crafty and I love checking out all the fun things you do! Keep sharing!


I made your apple dip this weekend. It was a hit!! So good and so easy.


Hey Shelly, I was wondering if you would share how you made that cute onesie. I have FIVE baby showers to attend before the end of the year and with the holidays--gifts are really starting to add up! I think I can figure it out--mostly I was wondering if you fusible webbed it to the onesie or just pinned and sewed (hand or machine?). It's such a cute idea and would be so inexpensive! Thanks. Alicia Spencer

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